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Curious clock facts & trivia


1300 A.D. The first clock to strike hours was erected in Milan, Italy. The oldest surviving striking clock, built around 1305, is in Salisbury Cathedral in England.
1520 A.D. Clocks with the capability of showing minutes and seconds were built.
1752 A.D.Great Britain (and its American colonies) adopted the Gregorian calendar.
1783 A.D. The first watch-manufacturing firm, Vacheron & Constantin, was founded in Switzerland.
1843 A.D. The first electric pendulum clock was invented by Alexander Bain.
1883 A.D. U.S. time zones were established.
1905 A.D. Albert Einstein published his special theory of relativity, giving time a whole new dimension.
1906 A.D. The first self-contained battery-driven clock was developed. 

3500 B.C. A stick pushed in the ground and called a gnomon was the first primitive way of measuring time by the length of a shadow.
1500 B.C. The oldest sundials discovered (in Egypt) date from about this time.
738 B.C. King Romulus of Rome instituted a calendar with 10 months to the year. Two additional months were added in 713 B.C.
160 B.C. The Romans divided the day into five marked periods.
860 A.D.Candle lantern "clocks" were used by Anglo-Saxon King Alfred of Wessex in England. The Saxons later divided the day into periods called "tides." Each was equal to about three of our hours.
900 A.D.Sand began to replace water in time-measuring devices. Hence, the hourglass.

977 A.D. In China, Chang Ssu-Hsun constructed what was probably the first astronomical water clock.
The actual time it takes the earth to complete one rotation around the sun: 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds.The time the year has slowed since 1 A.D. : 10 seconds. Average decrease in the year due to a gradual slowing of the earth's rotation: 1/2 second per century. Night: The period of darkness, lasting from sunset to dawn.
The actual time it takes the earth to complete one rotation around the sun: 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds.

The time the year has slowed since 1 A.D. : 10 seconds Thinking about time
Don't keep saying, "I don't know where the time goes." It goes the same place it's always gone and no one has ever known where that is. — Andy Rooney
Time heals what reason cannot. — Seneca
The costliest expenditure is time. — Theophrastus

By Carma Wadley, Deseret News
Published: Friday, March 9 2007 

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