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Some say that Clocks are as old as civilization. We humans have always been so fascinated by time. The plethora of time travel movies and spinoff trivia all allude to the fact that time is the most important commodity to mankind. Clock making became a means to measure and harness that quantity and thereby perhaps exhibit some measure of control over it even though only by perception. I, like many others became fascinated by clocks very early in my adult life and I sought an expression for that interest. The result of that after many years became what I called the condition of "Clockamania." This I define as a somewhat healthy obsession for Clocks of every kind. From antiques to post modernist clocks to downright unusual collector’s items . Clockamania has become the focal representation of that drive and in finding out there were many Clockamaniacs like me out there then it was like icing on the cake. On the other hand, turning it into a profit making business was a whole different kettle of fish.

Now how was I going to turn a sometime hobby and fascination into a business? Early forays into selling Clocks was often disappointing but in time,  things began changing as more and more people discovered Clocks for all occasions, times, places and purposes. It is my hope that in time everyone who visits this site may also discover the inner Clock lover in themselves. After all aren’t we all subjects to Time? At Clockamania, we are Clock specialists in the areas of Manufacture, Sales and Repairs of Exotic clocks and Antique Masterpieces and family heirlooms. Our Clocks not only tell the time but also add beauty and improve the aesthetics of any Home, Office or Hotel. They make ideal and delightful gifts for friends, loved ones and even as corporate gifts to esteemed clients branded with company logos.

Busola Akinnubi , Chief Clock Enthusiast & CEO


2 Atunwa Street,
Ikeja. Lagos

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